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Rental transceivers

If you do not want to buy a transceiver cause you do not use them often (concerts, hiking, reunions, exhibitions etc.), you are welcome to rent these useful tools from Tehnoturg even for one day!

Even the biggest projects are secured with TEHNOTURG's transceivers - EUROVISION song contest, almost all bigconcerts and outdoor concerts in Estonia. If necessary we are capable of renting 200 handheld radios and car radios at once.

As a special solution we can provide communication with coverage area up to 700km²

Describe us your communication needs and we will do you a reasonable rental offer.

For rental transceivers we offer professional digital transceivers Hytera PD505

The Hytera PD505 DMR handheld radio impresses with its lightweight design and range of functions. DMR advantages are:

  • Even bigger coverage
  • Up to 40% longer battery life
  • Totally clean, noise free communication
  • Multifunctionality

  • Included in the price: transceiver, extra battery, charger and a headset. In case of rental car radios: magnetic antenna (or a baseantenna for indoor use) and a power solution.


    We also rent handheld transceivers, mobile car transceivers and basestations for bigger area coverage, for example our capital Tallinn.


    In case of a bigger amount of transceivers or a longer period - ask for a offer:


    +372 651 80 40