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Yaesu FT-2DE Dualband handheld FM/C4FM transceiver

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The FT-2DE is the latest extension to the line of digital radios supporting ´System Fusion’.

The FT-2DE is a dual band handheld radio which supports FM and C4FM (digital modulation). The radio is suitable for amateur radio use on VHF (144MHz, 2m) and UHF (430MHz, 70cm) and comes with a wide band receiver. A special feature of this handheld transceiver is the large and easy to read LC display, which also acts as an input device (touch screen). This greatly simplifies the operation and handling of the radio.

Of course the FT-2DE supports the so called ´System Fusion´ strategy, Yaesu´s vision of a smooth migration from analog FM to digital modulation. The C4FM modulation is digital modulation which is used for voice and data transmission. It does support not only voice transmission but also transfer of other digital data like images. A digital communication can be set up directly between two C4FM-capable radios or via the DR-1XE C4FM repeaters by Yaesu. In regions without digital repeaters the classical analog FM modulation can be used. The FT-2DE support automatic mode switching (AMS) which allows you to monitor a repeater and never miss a transmission, whether it is digital or analog.

The dual band radio offers simultaneous reception on VHF and UHF (V/V, U/U, V/U) in FM or C4FM. The integrated wide band receiver covers a frequency range from 504 kHz to 999MHz in AM and FM, giving you a wideband communication and broadcast receiver. The FT-2DE is equipped with a built in GPS antenna. This is used for APRS support in 1200 or 9600 bps, the GPS track can be recorded on an optional SD memory card. The transmitter supports 5W output power on 2m and 70cm, and can be reduced to 2.5W, 1W and 100mW to save power.

Features FT-2DE:

• IPX5 protection class
• full dualband support (V+V, U+U, V+U)
• C4FM FDMA modulation
• Automatic Mode Ѕelection
• Snapshot Funktion (with optional MH-85A11U)
• Bandscope
• Wideband receiver
• built-in GPS receiver
• 1200/9600bps APRS
• Smart Navigation
• 1245 Memories
• Scanning functions
• Slot fo optionalr Micro-SD card

Included in shipment is:

• Yaesu FT-2DE
• LiIon battery SBR-14LI (2200mAh)
• USB cable A/Mini-B
• Belt Clip
• Duoband Antenna
• Operating Manual
• Wall charger

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