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Unimag HF Mobile magnet mount for roof mounting M5 FME (cable is not included)

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Mobile magnet mount for roof mounting Mobile magnet mount for roof mounting of antenna whips supplied with external M5 threaded stud. M5/M6-adapter for optionally mounting of antenna whips with internal M6 thread is supplied LOW PROFILE DESIGN NON-CORROSIVE ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: FREQUENCY 0 - 2500 MHz IMPEDANCE 50 ohm MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS: COLOR Black HEIGHT 50 DIAMETER 88 mm MOUNTING Magnet MATERIALS POM, PE, brass and steel OPERATING TEMPERATURE -40C to +70C CONNECTOR 1 See "ORDERING INFO" (Other types available) CABLE See "ORDERING INFO" (Other lengths available) MOUNTING PLACE On steel surfaces MOUNTING INSTRUCTION For safety reasons it is adviceable not to drive with a magnet mounted antenna on the vehicle ! HEIGHT ABOVE ROOF 50 mm INGRESS PROTECTION IP65

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