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Flashlight, Mactronic M-FIRE AG, 202 lm, battery operated (4x AA), set (batteries), box

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The right-angled M-Fire AG easily clips to firefighters’, EMS personnel’s’ and first responders’ uniforms or belts, providing critical illumination while freeing their hands to tackle the emergency at hand. The flashlight’s slim profile securely hugs the body, preventing dangerous entanglements or being knocked off in close quarters. The Cree LED 200 lms pierce smoke and dust for up to 240 m, with 4 AA batteries powering the M-Fire AG for 10 hours 30 min. Ex-ATEX intrinsically safe certification and an IPX4 waterproof rating make the M-Fire AG the best light to take to the worse environments.
Batteries included: Operation time: 100% - 6h; 50% - 10h 30min Clip: Light output: 200 lm ATEX NO.: I M1 Ex ia I Ma / II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga Sira 15ATEX 2166X Operation modes: 100%; 50% Weight: 250g Waterproof: IP54 Dimensions: 183 × 69 × 63 mm Light Distance: 240m Power supply: 4 x AA Light source: Cree® XP-G LED

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