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Tactical flashlight from M-Force series, 160 lm

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Flashlight designed to be mounted to a weapon.
Standard model that distinguishes itself by strong light output.
Very long range of light (reaching 180 meters) lets you illuminate
every detail in during performing your tasks. Operating time of up
to 90 minutes allows operation without having to worry about the
battery level.Set includes 3 RGB filters (red, green, and blue).
In addition, the package includes also a gel switch, mounting
bracket and a screwdriver.Flashlight is compatible with firearms
(both long guns and with handguns) of various types and brands using
Picatinny rails. Model dedicated to fans of ASG or survival.


  • Batteries included:
  • Operation time: 100% 1,5h
  • Colour filters:
  • Material: aircraft aluminum
  • Light output: 160 lm
  • Tactical mount:
  • Screwdriver cross:
  • Operation modes: 100%
  • Weight with batteries: 103 g
  • tactical switch:
  • Gel switch:
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Dimensions: 99 x 31,5 x 29 mm
  • Light Distance: 180 m
  • Power supply: 1 x CR123
  • Light source: CREE XP-G LED
  • Papildus informācija

    Piegāde paku mašīnā
    Artikuls MAC15
    Choose brand Mactronic
    Piegādātāja kods MX-T160
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