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Midland SUBZERO MUSIC siltas stereo austiņas ar mikrofonu ar konektoru iPhone/iPod pieslēgšanai SARKANAS

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Subzero Music - Red

The first one is supplied with an answer/control button suitable for mobile phones and “play/pause/skip song” key for the music.
Thanks to the standard jack 3,5mm, Midland SUBZERO Music can be connected to iPods, MP3 players and to the latest mobile phones available on the market today (iPhone/Blackberry).
With the other cable, you can connect a PMR446 transceiver with 2 pin plug (G5XT/G6 XT/G7/G8/G9). The small selector, on the supplied PTT box with clip, allows you to choose between the VOX (hands-free conversations) or manual PTT mode.
On your travels, during sport activities, while walking or in any other moment you can enjoy music or communicate with your mobile phone or PMR446 radio and at the same time keep your hands and ears warm!
The SUBZERO Music headsets are adjustable to allow a perfect fit for everyone!

Cod. C936.04

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Artikuls A272
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