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SHF 2344 23cm-Yagi 44-Element 18,1 dBD

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The new design "SHF 2344" is the ´little brother´ of the 5 m version and is quite a ´hummer´ with its 3 m length. The antenna has a high bandwidth and may be used just as well for ATV operation. Of course, this antenna is supplied fully assembled; the awkward manual mounting process has been replaced by the assembly robots.
We offer a replacement dipole in case this would ever become necessary (Part No. 18400.01), and also a special dipole which is mounted upside down to facilitate 2x2 H setups and has a 180° phase difference to the normal dipol (Part No. 18400.02).

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Artikuls H47
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Piegādātāja kods 18403
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