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Scan-Antenna LTE800WB 6 dB LTE High Gain Glassfiber Antenna 1.44 m

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6 dB LTE High Gain Glassfiber Antenna 1.44 m

This wide-band high-gain antenna is developed for use in both maritime and land environments. The high gain design overcomes poor phone and data coverage in the mobile operator networks (LTE, UMTS & GSM), e.g. along cost lines and in rural areas.

  • Broadband antenna for LTE800, GSM850/900, UMTS900, IoT868
  • High performance - peak gain 9 dB (Marine) 7.1 dBi
Electrical Specifications:
Frequency790 - 960 MHz (LTE800, GSM850/900, UMTS900)
Bandwidth170 MHz
Antenna TypeEnd-fed full 1/2 λ dipole - no groundplane needed
Impedance50 ohm
VSWR< 2.0:1
Gain6 dB (Marine), 3 dBd, 5.1 dBi
Radiation PatternOmni-directional
Max. Input Power200 W
Antistatic ProtectionDirect Ground (DC-short)

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Mechanical Specifications:
ColorWhite and chrome
Length1440 mm
Weight550 g
MountingOn 1" threaded pole (G1"-11 thread) with Revolving Nut Kit or on optionally brackets
Mounting placeOn mast or deck
MaterialsPU-painted glassfiber, copper, PTFE, PE and chromed brass
Survival Wind Speed55 m/s (125 mph)
Operating temperature-55C to +70C (IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-2)
CableNo cable supplied
Ingress ProtectionIP66
VibrationIEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-64
Serial no.On product label
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Artikuls X240
Choose brand Scan-Antenna
Piegādātāja kods 14086-000
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