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Procom CXL108-185C 0 dBi, Broad-Band Base Station and Marine Antenna for 108 - 185 MHz

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  • CXL 108-185C is designed for fixation on supporting tubes with outer diameter between 27 mm and 65 mm.
  • The construction of the mount makes it possible to lead the cable either inside or along the outside of the mast tube.
  • A glass fibre tube completely encloses the carefully designed radiating element to ensure long dependable service in all climates.
  • Atmospherical discharges are immediately led to ground as all metal parts are DC-grounded (consequently, the antenna shows a DC-short across the coaxial cable).
  • This antenna is used where reliability is of utmost importance. A long lifetime has been taken into consideration when designing this antenna – it is sturdy and strong.

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