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Headlamp, Mactronic M-FIRE HL, 150 lm, battery operated (3x AAA), set (batteries), blister

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The robust, lightweight and compact M-Fire HL Headlamp gives hands-free illumination exactly aimed where firefighters and emergency crews it. Ex-ATEX certification and IP67 waterproof rating prove that the headlamp won’t add fuel to the fire when operated in hazardous areas while taking on dust, moisture, and impacts. The M-Fire HL’s 150 lms punch through smoke and haze for up to 100 meters with 3 x AAA batteries providing light for up to 4,5 hours. When you need two hands to carry out critical tasks, the M-Fire HL is the best lamp to have on your head.
Operation time: 100% - 2,5h; 66% - 4,5h Light output: 150 lm ATEX NO.: ATEX No.: 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga IP67 DEMKO 14 ATEX 1354X Operation modes: 100%; 66% Weight: 180g Waterproof: IP67 Dimensions: 80 × 50 × 45 mm Light Distance: 100m Light source: Cree® XP-G2

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