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Nedis LTLG3M1WT4 Dimmable LED Table Lamp Touch control 3 light modes Rechargeable battery 280 lm

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Product description

Set the light to your mood with this Dimmable LED Table Lamp with Touch Control. Simply touch the lamp to turn it on and to alter the light from a cosy, warm light to a natural light effect or to a cool light for getting down to business.
The rotating head of this lamp allows you to position the light exactly where you need it and the strength of the light can be dimmed by pressing the control button for a longer period.
A handy timer function allows you to set the lamp to go off automatically after 40 minutes to help save energy.


• Touch control – for ease of use
• Dimmable
• Choose between three light settings – to match your mood
• Rotating head – to position the light where you need it
• Handy timer function – to automatically switch off the lamp

Package contents

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Table lamp
USB cable
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