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Hytera MT680 TETRA Mobile Radio 380-430MHz

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Hytera MT680 TETRA transceiver, built-in GPS

Operation Mode

  • Trunking Mode Operation (TMO): communications over TETRA network (semiduplex and full duplex mode)
  • Direct Mode Operation (DMO): direct communications between terminals without network intervention (semiduplex mode)

  • Voice Services

  • Group Call:
  • -Standard Group Call
    -Priority Group Call
    -Emergency Group Call
    -Broadcast Call
    -Late Entry
    -Talking Party Identification
    -DGNA Service
    -Group Call Scan
    -Talk Group Management

  • Individual call:
  • -Standard Half Duplex Individual Call
    -Standard Full Duplex Individual Call (TMO)
    -Priority Individual Call
    -Emergency Individual Call
    -Calling Identification
    -Pre-emption Priority Call

  • Telephone Call (PSTN/PABX):
  • -Full Duplex Telephone Call
    -Calling Identification
    -Pre-emption Priority Call

    Security Services

  • Authentication
  • Air Interface Encryption TEA 1, TEA 3, TEA 4
  • Air Interface Encryption
  • E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) Security Services: E2EE Encryption Module; Multiple Algorithm Support
  • PIN/PUK Code Access
  • Security Class 1, 2, 3
  • Ambient Listening
  • Discreet Listening
  • Stun/Kill
  • Configure Information Protection

  • User Safety

  • Emergency Button
  • Keypad Lock
  • Out of Network Alarm
  • Multimode GPS Application
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Emergence Call Red Screen

  • Data/Messaging Services

  • Short Data Service (SDS) - Type1, Type2, Type3, Type4, TL Data
  • Status Message
  • Packet Data Service (PEI)
  • One Button-trigger Status Massage
  • Long SDS Receiving
  • Further Developing Interface Reserved
  • At Command (PEI)

  • Global Positioning Service

  • Built-in and Fully Integrated GPS
  • Position Information Transmission during Emergency Call
  • Time Synchronization and Calibration
  • Multimode GPS Application (time trigger, distance trigger, time & distance trigger)
  • Remote Enable/Disable
  • Support Lip Protocol
  • Position Information Display

  • User Interface Features

  • 16 programmable key for quick access to function
  • Multi-function Talk Group Selector and Volume Control Knob
  • 4-way Navigation Keys
  • Dedicated Emergency Button
  • Call Log: missed/received/dialed lists
  • Flexible Dialing (list scroll, direct dial, alphabetic search, last number redial)
  • External Palm Microphone
  • Adjustable Display Contrast
  • 11 Languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Farsi, Catalan, Malay, Arabic etc.)
  • Selectable Profiles
  • GPS Location Service:
  • -Built-in high sensitivity GPS
    -Fully integrated single-chip GPS receiver
    -Full programmable position update triggers
    -Position information transmission during Emergency Alarm
    -Time Synchronization and Calibration

    Advanced Features

  • Provides Java Application Platform
  • WAP Browser*
  • Over The Air Programming (OTAP)*
  • GPIO Program*
  • Circuit Mode Data*

  • * Realized in Version 6.0

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