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MT53H7A4400 Lite-Com Basic noice cancelling headsets with PMR446 transciever 3M Peltor

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3M Peltor Lite-Com active headset with transceiver

For increased safety and performance

The Lite-Com is a high-performance hearing protector with a built-in communication radio for “hands free” short-range
communication with other Lite-Com headsets and com radio devices on the same frequency. An auxiliary input allows you
to connect a cellular phone or external com radio, regardless of frequency. For safety reasons, the “external” system
has signal priority. You can also listen to the news or music by connecting a CD player or FM radio.

Simple and user-friendly

The Lite-Com Basic is designed for those who want an easy-to-use hearing protector with a limited number of functions.
You can control all the settings with only three buttons, which makes the Lite-Com Basic very user-friendly. In addition,
an electronic voice confirms the settings you have chosen, allowing you to make adjustments without removing the headset.

Frequency band

This hearing protector is available only in the PMR 446 model, so like the Lite-Com III PMR 446, it communicates on eight
channels on the 446 MHz band with output levels of 25 mW and 150 mW. At highest power, it has a range of up to two kilometers.
The Lite-Com Basic also has tone selective signaling for transmitting and receiving, which allows individual communication
among several users on the same channel.

  • 38 subchannels allow several users to communicate individually using the same channel
  • An electronic voice tells you what settings you are adjusting, so you do not have to take off the headset to check
  • Unused, the set automatically switches off after two hours to save the batteries
  • An auxiliary input also lets you connect a cellular phone or external com radio, regardless of the frequency
  • For safety reasons, the external system has signal priority
  • You can also connect a CD player or FM radio and listen to news and music
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