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Midland STREET GUARDIAN+ car camcorder

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Charming design and advanced features are the strong points of the new MIDLAND car camcorder.
STREET GUARDIAN+ has been designed to be the most precious help during a car trip.

It automatically records whatever happens while you are driving, it is like having a witness always seating next to you.
Very useful indeed in case of accidents!

STREET GUARDIAN+ has a FULL HD 1080p resolution and thanks to the 170° wide angle, it records everything that happens in front of you as a third eye on the street; moreover the image stabilizer ensures excellent movies in order to review your video with top quality.
It can be easily installed on the windshield of your car thanks to the suction cup supplied in the box and its compact size does not affect your driving and the view.

Thanks to the 2 inches display, you can see everything live, watch the recorded videos and easily browse through the settings.
STREET GUARDIAN + has an inbuilt MINI USB socket which allows you to recharge the battery, to upgrade the firmware when connected to your computer and to download videos on your laptop.
Works with micro SD Card (optional) up to 32Gb

STREET GUARDIAN+ has many features:

• ‘Black Box’ feature : you can automatically save and store the videos in case of accident.
• ‘Motion detection’ feature: the camera starts recording when something is moving in front of it: don’t worry if you are temporarily away from your car, STREET GUARDIAN+ will still be there for you.
• Monitor parking: while your car is parked, if an impact or vandalism incident is detected by the camera, it will automatically turn on and start recording.

COLOR: black

The package includes:
• Street Guardian+

• Suction Cup

• USB cable
•Car charger
• User manual

Main features:
• Resolution: Full HD 1080p
• Audio & Video recording
• 170° Wide angle lens

• Image stabilizer
• 2 inches display

• In‐built microphone and speaker

• Black Box feature

• Motion Detection feature

• HDMI socket

• Li‐Ion integrated 250 mAh battery pack

• Works with micro SD Card (optional) up to 32Gb • Sensor: 16Mp (interpolation)

• Format: MOV

• Dimensions: 53x57x38mm

• Weight: 80gr

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