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Midland H5 - Full HD action camera with WiFi built in

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Midland introduces the first model of the new generation of action cam.

After the multi‐year experience in this sector with the XTC models designed with a longitudinal shape, Midland presents the brand new H line, characterized by a frontal form factor, that completes the range of action cameras and covers all possible uses, such as the requirements of sportsmen or enthusiasts of outdoor activities.

H5 offers a lot for very little! Its small dimensions and its ease of use make H5 the perfect solution for your leisure time or a daily use.

Its form factor allows it to be easily worn for example on your chest.

Midland H5 guarantees high performances: Full HD 30fps with a sensor able to take top quality pictures up to 12MP; the built‐in Wi‐Fi allows to watch and share your photos and videos, thanks to the dedicated APP iSmart DV, compatible with iOS or Android.

The integrated 1.5” LCD display allows to frame or watch your videos and photos without the need of a smartphone or a tаblet.

The H5 is fitted with many innovative functions: Self‐timer (you can select the time delay to shoot a photo), Time‐lapse, Photo burst (to take 3/5/10 photos per second), Motion detection (the camera automatically starts recording when a movement is detected).

Besides, H5 continuously records and when the card is full, it records over the oldest videos; it is also equipped with the Slow Motion mode to watch the videos in rallenty.

H5 is supplied in a full optional packaging including 20 accessories to combine and create the best mounting solution for your requirements: the submersible case up to 30m depth, two interchangeable front covers (black and yellow), fixing systems for handlebars, helmets, with clip, adhesive, to take photos, self‐timer, etc.

H5 is fitted with 140° wide angle and image stabilizer for excellent shoots, even for your extreme adventures!

So, are ready to leave? Do not forget take a Midland action cam! For any kind of activities: diving, riding a motorbike, trekking, air‐soft, hunting, skiing, surfing, off‐road or simply with your friends!

What’s in the box:

  H5 action camera
  Interchangeable front cover (yellow or black)
  Submersible case up to 30m
  Handlebar mount
  Helmet mount
  Ventilated helmet bandages
  Tethers
  USB cable
  Lens cloth
  Li‐Ion 900mAh battery
  Supports, adaptors for different fixing systems


  XTC Chest mount – code C1115
  XT POD‐MINI – Monopod mount 18 cm – code C1116
  XT POD‐2S – Telescopic multicam 2‐section monopod 80 cm – code C1116.01
  XT POD‐3S – Telescopic multicam 3‐section monopod 112 cm – code C1116.02
  XTC SUCTION CUP MOUNT – Suction mount for cars ‐ code C980.01
  XTC – Universal mount for rifles – cod. C1064.01
  XTC‐ Mount for handlebars and tubes – code C992
  RAM roll bar mount – code C1042
  RAM magnetic mount – code C1041
  RAM moto quad mount – code C1052
  XTC – Cap mount – cod. C1012
  XTC‐ Tree mount – code C1062
  XTC‐ Bow mount – code C1068

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