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Midland BT NEXT UR TWIN - Dual core intercom system + HIFI Speakers + BTT

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Conference up to 8 people

BT Next Pro is the most advanced solution on the market for those who want the most highly-performing intercom for conversations on a bike:
Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Core technology puts into communication up to 4 bikes, each one with driver and passenger. With a one-to-one intercom system you can talk with up to 6 people. All this in Full Duplex mode, with digital quality, DSP noise suppression system and AGC system (that can be disabled) to control volume automatically according to background noise.
The range of BT Next, without any aid (app or other) up to 1.6 km*. Midland intercoms have two connections allowing it to be used with devices of other brands.
And still...
Stereo background, music share, fm radio with RDS and 6 pre-sеt stations, status voice messages, vox and commands, connecction with 2 mobiles at the same time, slide fixing, update using a PC or a mobile with BT Sеt App for customisable sеttings.


One to one Intercom - Up to 6 people
Conference Intercom - Up to 8 people (4 bikes)
Intercom range - 1,6 Km
Talk to all - Universal Intercom - two connections allowing it to be used with devices of other brands.
FM Radio - FM radio with RDS and 6 pre-sеt stations
2 phones connection - Yes
Stereo - Yes
WaterProof - Yes
Bluetooth - Dual core Bluetooth
VOX - Yes
Funzione GPS Background - Yes
AGC - Automatic gain control - Yes
Battery last - Up to 35 h
Programmable via PC - Yes
Voice Status - Yes
Dimensions HxLxP -
BT Remote compatibility - Yes
Helmet compatibility - For all types of helmets
Bluetooth connections - Yes
Wired connections - Yes
Inside the box - Device, boom and wired microphone, biadhesive slide-in system for all types of helmets, audio kit with ultra-slim speakers, wall charger with USB cable

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