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MFJ-914 tjūnera paplašinātājs

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1.8-30MHz Auto tuner range extender

Does your HF rigs automatic tuner have limited matching range? MFJs AutoTuner Extender transforms your antenna impedance up or down as much as 10 times! Puts nearly any antenna into the range of your automatic tuner. Extends range of manual antenna tuners also. Use with any transceiver 160 through 10 Meters with up to 300 Watts. On/Off, Bypass positions. MFJ-914 was carefully designed for flattest frequency response and lowest loss.

Not all automatic ATUs on rigs can match the wide range that manual ATUs can manage. The MFJ-914 has been specifically designed to rectify this problem. The MFJ-914 is a heavy duty, wide band, wide range impedance matching device.

Tehniskie dati

  • 1.8-30MHz

  • 300W max

  • 7 load positions

  • Ground & by-pass position

  • SO-239 sockets

  • Connection for dummy load

  • Separate earth terminal

  • Size 150 x 42 x 90mm

  • Weight 415g

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User Manual (in English)

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