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Mactronic THH0101 Battery tactical flashlight, lightest in the series, 320lm, M-Force 1.1

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We know that out in the field, every gram counts. Mactronic took up the challenge of reducing the flashlight’s weight without sacrificing range, output and battery life. The result of our efforts is a tactical light that weighs in at scant 103g that readily deserves the M-Force designation. You won’t feel the M-Force1.1 on your pistol or long gun, but you certainly will be able to see with it, for up to 200 meters! We’ve specially selected Luxeon™ LEDs and designed the reflector to give the M-Force 1.1 an even longer range than the 2.1 version. Batteries included: Operation time: 100% 2 h Colour filters: Material: aircraft aluminum Light output: 320 lm Tactical mount: Screwdriver cross: Operation modes: 100% Weight with batteries: 103 g tactical switch: Gel switch: Waterproof: IPX4 Dimensions: ø 32 × 99 mm Light Distance: 200 m Power supply: 1 × CR123A Light source: Luxeon™ TX White LED

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