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Mactronic T-ROY Super võimas jalgratta esimene lamp, 2200 lm, 5220mAh Li-Ion aku

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T-Roy has been designed for demanding routes, where strong light is necessary and where various operating modes can be easily selected. The 5200 mAh battery supplies power to two Cree™ XM-L LEDs emitting a 2200 lm flux. Depending on the lighting mode, the lamp can work up to 12 hours before recharging is needed. The gel button, attached directly to the handlebars, allows to select one of three continuous light modes or the flashing mode, without losing your grip for a second. Charging time: 6 h Operation time: High 100 % - 3 h, Medium 50% - 6 h, Low 20% - 10 h, Strobe - 12 h Light output: 2200 lm Operation modes: 100 %, 50 %, 20 %, Strobe Weight: 146 g Gel switch: Waterproof: IP65 Dimensions: 49 x 52 x 31 Light Distance: 100 m Power supply: 8,4 V 5220 mAh Li-ion Light source: Cree XM-L LED

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