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Mactronic Solis Cycling Set - Rechargeable 150lm Front Bicycle Light with Battery Powered 3 Watt Taillight,150 + 7lm, USB, Li-io

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When the sun sets, Mactronic’s Solis  set rises to the occasion, protecting night defying cyclists with front and rear illumination. Compact and easily packed, the Solis set speedy attaches to,  and disconnects from, most handlebars and seat posts without tools, preventing theft, making it perfect  for people parking in public places.

The Solis set, with its rechargeable front light, is economical to run and gives you two quality lights for the price of one. The front light features a built in battery life indicator and 4 modes (100%  150 lm  2h, 66% 4h, 33% 9h,  flashing 18h), making sure you’ll make it home with light to spare for a quick recharge. No more searching for a cable, the Solis  inserts directly intο any available USB port. The taillight has two modes solid,  and strobe. Widely available CR2032 batteries (included)  grab motorists’ attention for an impressive 120 hours in flashing mode.

The Solis set stops the sunset from shortening your next adventure!

Batteries included: Splash proof: Operation time: front: 100% 2h, 66% 4h, 33% 9h, flashing 18h Operation time RED LED: Front: 100% 60h, flashing 120h Light output: front 150 lm, tail 7 lm Weight: front 52g, tail 31g Battery level indicator: Dimensions: front: :69 x 27 x 27 mm, tail: 40 x 28 x 33 mm Power supply: front: USB, Li-ion battery; tail: 2 x CR2032 Light source: front: 3 Watt LED; tail: 1 SMD red LED

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