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Mactronic PHL0011 Headlamp ULTIMO, 300lm, rechargeable, set (accumulator, 230V charger, extension cord, 4x helmet clips, 2x helm

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The Ultimo lives up to its name with a light output of 300 lms and a beam distance of 140 m. Enjoy hands-free illumination for up to 30 hours. A diffuser transforms the narrow spot beam into a floodlight to illuminate the entire campsite. A built-in red LED in the battery case alerts fellow hikers, preventing accidents on a dim footpath. A battery life indicator gives a timely signal for a quick charge via a USB cable. For comfort, a 1 m extension cord enables remote placement of the battery pack.


Charging time: 4 h
Operation time: 100% 5,5h, 50% 14h, 17% 30h, Strobe 20h
Operation time RED LED: 100% 65h, strobe 280h
Material: plastic
Light output: 300 lm
Adjustable head angle: yes
Rear red safety light: yes
Weight: 185 g
Waterproof: IPX4
Battery level indicator: yes
Shockproof: 1m
Dimensions: lamp 35 × 82 × 40 mm; battery case 50 × 83 × 45 mm
Light Distance: 140 m
Power supply: microUSB, 18650 Li-ion accu 3,7V 2000 mAh
Light source: Luxeon® T LED + 1 × 5mm Red LED

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