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Mactronic PATHFINDER Rechargeable searchlight 20 Watt LED, 1600lm, battery 7000mAh, powerbank

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The new PATHFINDER spotlight features a 20 W, 1600 lm Cree LED. The built-in, 7000 mAh battery will let you operate the spotlight at full power for 4 hrs, or for 12 hrs at 50% of the output (800 lm). Convenient, adjustable feet to find the optimal working position, the included shoulder strap and an ergonomic grip will let you use the spotlight as a portable light. The PATHFINDER also has 2 USB ports and may serve as a power bank for other mobile devices or phones. The durable housing, long operating time and high output make the PATHFINDER the right choice.

Charging time: - 21 h
Operation time: - 100% 4 h; 50% 12 h
Light output: - 1600 lm
Shoulder strap: - yes
Operation modes: - 100% ; 50%
Weight: - 2020 g
Dimensions: - 360 x 225 x 253 mm
Light Distance: - 500 m
Power supply: - 7.4V 7000 mAh
Light source: - Cree 20W LED

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