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Flashlight, Mactronic DURA LIGHT, 280 lm, rechargeable, set (accumulator, 230V and 12V charger, USB cord, hand strap), box

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The Dura Light represents the best in Mactronic’s new generation of LED flashlights that are tough and ready to tackle the harshest conditions.
Our technical team took on our customers’ challenge to engineer a flashlight that excels in extreme weather and at the most hostile worksites. The result is the Dura Light flashlights that overcome hazardous high and lethal low temperatures, adverse atmospheric conditions and the roughest day-to-day handling.
A rubber coating on the robust polymer body provides a solid grip, even with gloved hands. High shock resistance protects the flashlight from mechanical damage due to drops and daily heavy duty. A built-in indicator makes it easy to check remaining battery life. Quickly charge the flashlight via USB, or wall socket, cables included.
Available in two powerful versions, 500 lm and 280 lm, both models possess IP68 (waterproof) and ANSI certification.
Need a  durable choice for years of dependable service?  The Dura Light does it!

Charging time: - 8h
Operation time: - 100% 3,5h; 10% 18h; flashing 10h
Light output: - 500 lm
Weight: - 291 g
Waterproof: - IP68
Shockproof: - 1 m
Dimensions: - 188 x 43 mm
Light Distance: - 220 m
Power supply: - USB; 4 x 1,2V 2000 mAh Ni-MH accu
Light source: - Cree XM-L LED

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