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Mactronic AHL0015 Camo headlamp featuring focus function, 300lm 3 x AA

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The Camo is a choosy camper’s capable companion with its choice of a flood beam to illuminate the whole campground or a spot beam to traverse the most treacherous trails. The adjustаble head aims the Camo’s 300 lms up to 190 meters. A red LED in the Camo’s battery case makes your presence known to fellow travelers behind you. The Camo doesn’t hide from dust, dirt, mud and rain with an IPX4 water resistant rating and impact proof for a meter drop. 3 x AA batteries power the Camo for up to 6 days.


Batteries included: jah
Operation time: 100% 8,5h, 53% 20h, 10% 150h, Strobo 45h
Operation time RED LED: 100% 125h, strobe 180h
Focus: jah
Material: plastic
Light output: 300 lm
Adjustаble head angle: 180 degrees
Series: Adventure Line
Rear red safety light: jah
Weight: 198 g
Waterproof: IPX4
Shockproof: 1m
Dimensions: head 73 × 54 × 38 mm; battery case 82 × 52 × 28 mm
Light Distance: 190 m
Power supply: 3 x AA
Light source: Luxeon® T White LED

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