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Mactronic AHL0014 Nippo 3.3 RC headlamp with ADS/ Advanced Dimming System, cold and warm light, 330lm, microUSB, Li-ion battery

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Enhanced battery life and a blistering output combine to make the rechargeable Nippo 3.3 RC the series flagship headlamp. A Cree 330 lm LED provides a powerful spot beam, blazing your trail for 84 meters. Switch on the 4 Nichia warm light LEDS for a soft floodlight effect that creates a warm glow for 8 meters and up for 8 hours. Insert the USB cable directly intο the lamp’s head for a quick recharge without an additional battery cage or cable.
Rather than preselected power modes with large jumps, Nippo 3.3 possess Mactronic’s propriety “Advanced Dimming System” (ADS) for smooth brightness control. ADS gives an infinite adjustment to power the lamp on your head exactly for each task at hand.
An intelligent memory function remembers the last output used, resuming the last ADS setting employed. Handy when hiking or hunting to prevent temporary blindness due to a bright beam or scaring off game.
The switch lock prevents accidental battery drain during storage and trans­port, making sure the Nippo 3.3 won’t let you down when you need to set up camp or navigate a tricky trail.
A 90o adjustаble head puts the light right where you need it regardless of your position. With a waterproof rating of IPX4 and shock resistance of a meter, the Nippo 3.3 is Sumo tough as it is stylish.


Safety lock: yes
Charging time: 3h
Operation time: Cree 100% 1h 50min, 10% 23h; Nichia 100% 4h, 10% 70h
Color of emitted light: Cree cold white, Nichia warm white
Charger: microUSB cable
Material: platic
Light output: Cree 330 lm/ 1 800 cd; Nichia 60 lm
Headlamp strap: yes
Adjustаble head angle: yes
Series: Adventure Line
Operation modes: ADS Tech. 100-10%
Weight: 69 g
Waterproof: IPX4
Shockproof: 1m
Dimensions: 59 × 46 × 40 mm
Light Distance: 84 m
Power supply: microUSB, Li-ion battery 3.7V 1200 mAh
Light source: Cree® XP-L + 4 × 5mm Nichia® LED

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