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Mactronic AHL0011 Lightweight battery headlamp Photon with cold and warm light, 90lm 1 x AA

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The phenomenal Photon is light years ahead for compactness and performance. Its small size hosts giant features, including dual diodes for both a 90 lm spot beam and an anti-glare warm LED, Switch-Lock function to prevent battery drain and our “Advanced Dimming System” (ADS) for smooth brightness control. Powered by a single AA battery, the water resistant and shock proof Photon is fabulous.


Batteries included: yes
Safety lock: yes
Operation time: Cree 100% 2h, 10% 8h; Nichia 100% 3h 48min, 10% 20h
Color of emitted light: Cree cold white, Nichia warm white
Material: plastic
Light output: Cree 90 lm/ , Nichia 23 lm
Series: Adventure Line
Operation modes: ADS Tech. 100-10%
Weight: 54 g
Waterproof: IPX4
Shockproof: 1m
Dimensions: 60 × 35 × 25 mm
Light Distance: 78 m
Power supply: 1 × AA
Light source: Cree® XP-E2 LED + 2 × 5mm Nichia® LED

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