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L-NTP-TAC_RAPTOR-D-U2/AC TAC RAPTOR, a 1070 lumen torch with 2-stage focus

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The torch is made of high grade aircraft aluminum.
The filament features an XM-L I2 1070 lm diode with triple
focus to easily intensify or disperse the beam for reducing or
expanding the scanned area. The large diameter reflector with lens
means that even of maximal width of beam is ѕelected, the beam
maintains its high intensity and helps identify details and objects
in the scanned area. The torch can operate at 100%, 60%, 20% or 2%,
protecting you from glare if the illuminated object is nearby.
Additionally, the diode is programmed to operate without problems at
voltage ranging from 3V to 6V, without losing power or reduction
in operating time. The torch comes with a hand strap, a battery and a 230V charger.


  • Batteries included:
  • Splash proof:
  • Charging time: 3,5 h
  • Operation time: 100% 1h; 50% 1h 42min; 10% 4h 24min; 2% 70 h
  • Emitter: XML-U2
  • Focus:
  • Material: aluminum
  • Light output: 1070 lm
  • Hand strap:
  • Charging: 230 V AC + Li-ion battery 2600mAH
  • Operation modes: 100%; 50%; 10%; 2%
  • Weight with accu: 250 g
  • tactical switch:
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Dimensions: 156 x 45 x 30 (40) mm
  • Light Distance: 500 m
  • Power supply: 1 x Acu LRB168A/ 2 x CR123
  • Light source: CREE XM-L U2 LED
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