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L-NTP-DEFENDER-D-U2-AC DEFENDER II, 720 lm tactical torch, made for weapon mounting

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Tactical torch made of high quality aerial aluminium for weapon mounting.
Resistant to all kinds of factors. Due to usage of XML-U2 emitter produces
light power of 720 lumens. For tactical purposes emitter with 100% of power
is recommended plus switch ProCap as an option. Version with emitter so called
Digital version offers modes (100%, 60%, 20% of power + strobe mode).
The torch can be supply either with 1 rechargeable battery LRB168A 3,7v or
2 x batteries CR123 3V or 2 x rechargeable battery of CR123 format. Applied electronic
unit ensured failure-free operation between 3,7V and 6V. Controlled by one tactical
button placed in rear of torch. The torch design ensures confident grasp and easy
operation with both bare hand and in gloves. Notch on head of the torch protects from
rolling and so called crown allows use the torch as a brass knuckles.
Additionally the crown protects emitter as well as a glass from any damages which
is extremely important during intensive usage of the torch during perform of duties
of soldier, operator etc. Waterproof, operates in full immersion (IPX-8 certificate).
All connections are sealed with o’ring.


  • Charging time: do 3,5 h
  • Operation time: 100% 1,5h; 60% 3h; 20% 9h 20min; 2% 95 h; strobo 3h
  • Emitter: XML-U2
  • Colour: gray
  • Material: aircraft aluminum
  • Light output: 720 lm
  • does not roll:
  • Charging: 230 V AC + Li-ion battery 2600mAH
  • Operation modes: 100%; 60%; 20%; 2%; Strobo
  • Weight with accu: 186 g
  • Weight with batteries: 176 g
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Shockproof:
  • Dimensions: 141 x 35 x 29 mm
  • Light Distance: 250 m
  • Power supply: 1 x Accumulator LRB168A/ 2 x CR123
  • Light source: CREE XM-L U2 LED
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