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König Quartz Patio Heater 2000 W Black

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Product description

Water-resistant patio heater (IP24 protection) to extend enjoyable evenings outside. The heater is adjustаble in height, is equipped with 3 heat settings and provides enough warmth for areas up to 12 m2. Moreover, the patio heater is very safe. It features a tip-over protection which automatically switches off the heater if it drops to the floor. It is also equipped with a fine grid to prevent that fingers come into contact with the heating element.


• Heats up outdoor areas of up to 12 m2
• 3 heat settings to suit everyone´s comfort requirements
• Height is adjustаble from 1.6 m to 1.9 m to fit the heater anywhere
• Tip-over protection ensures extra safety
• Water-resistant design for outdoor use

Package contents

1x patio heater
1x stand

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