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König ANT-4G20-KN 4G/3G/GSM aerial with 2x 2.5 m cable

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Product description 4G/3G/GSM aerial to enhance data communication and increase the data transfer speed of the 4G/3G and GSM signal, using a double frequency band. The aerial is supplied with two 2.5-m LMR200 low-loss cables to enable a high-quality reception of the 4G signal with only 1 aerial. It can be mounted in or outdoors, whichever gives the best results. Features • Enables the reception of the 4G signal with a single aerial • Incorporates protected ABS materials for a long lifespan • Equipped with 2x 2.5-m LMR200 low-loss cable for a high-quality signal • For indoor and outdoor use for perfect positioning

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