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RD965 136-174Mhz

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Hytera RD965 repeater

Smart Battery (optional)

A 10Ah smart Li-Ion battery can support at least eight hours of work when
working at 50% duty cycle and high TX power. Compatible with the smbus1.1 standard,
RD96X can monitor battery conditions such as estimated remaining capacity,
used capacity percentage, and usage record; the device can also maximize the
battery life; through smart charge management, it can automatically recharge
the battery for use anytime; powered by three levels of battery protection,
the device considerably enhances charging safety and reliably.

Repeater Diagnostics and Control

Through a PC-based application, the product can monitor, diagnose and control
remote (connected to the Internet via an IP port) and local repeaters (via a USB port),
thus increasing the productivity. Hytera´s RDAC software supports network access at
multiple points and allows the administrator to monitor networked two-way radios.

Voice Input/output via Dual Time Slots: easy for monitoring and voice recording

In digital mode, the device supports voice input and output via dual time slots
and enables users to record calls continuously.

Digital/analog Compatibility and Smart Switching

Back to back interconnection of digital & analog network can be achieved by wired
or wireless IP, ensuring a smooth analog -to-digital transition.

Flexible Networking

By connecting geographically distributed repeaters that run at the same
or different frequencies to form an IP-based and location-independent
wireless communication network, IP-based repeater interconnection allows
mobile radios to obtain voice and data services while roaming.

16 Channels

The product supports up to 16 channels. You can switch between channels using
PCbased RDAC software, the channel ѕelector knob on the front panel,
or the external interface on the repeater.

Digital-analog Interconnection for Smooth Transition

The feature enables two-way radios with digital and analog capabilities,
and digital and analog users to intercommunicate in different operating
modes to guarantee users´ seamless transition from analog to digital capabilities.


The GPS module supports GPS data transmission and enables emergency command
centers to monitor the location of a small mobile network in real time.

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