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Hytera PD985G Digital Portable Radio with display and keypad, GPS, 136-174MHz, Li-Ion battery 2000mAh, charger

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Hytera has launched its latest DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) handheld PD985, adding another strong member to its top-notch DMR portfolio. PD985 offers exceptional audio experience as well as enhanced features like noise cancellation, full duplex call, Micro SD storage, Bluetooth 4.0 and single frequency repeater.

"We are proud to announce the launch of PD985" said G.S. Kok, Senior Vice President of Hytera, "The PD985 is a significant addition to our existing DMR radio portfolio. We have succeeded in adding a series of cutting-edge innovations and designs into this new model to make it a full-featured radio to satisfy customers´ increasing demands in terms of functionality and user experience."

Key features of PD985:

  • Full Duplex Call
    PD985 enables frontline personnel to make telephone calls between PD985 and telephones or mobile phones.
  • Single Frequency Repeater Mode
    PD985 is able to use one slot to receive signals and another slot to transmit it in the same frequency in DMO mode to extend communication distance.
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
    With integrated Bluetooth 4.0, PD985 not only supports audio transmit, but also allows programming via Bluetooth.
  • Noise Cancellation and 2.5W Audio Output
    The output speaker with a maximum of 2.5 Watts and our new noise cancelling technology ensure clear and loud voice communication.
  • IP68 Protection
    Comply with the highest dust and waterproof standards, to confront the harshest environments, The radio functions well after submersion under water 2 meters deep up to 4 hours.
  • Smart Battery
    This feature makes it easier to monitor the battery status, such as battery life time and charging time. It reduces charging time dramatically.
  • Micro SD Storage
    PD985 supports maximum 32GB Micro SD card, to record up to 576 hours digital/ analog audio.

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