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HQ-INV150WU-24 inverter 150W/24V USB output

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Inverter for 24 V battery of a car and boat. It will invert the 24 V DC current to 230 V AC. With this device 230 V equipment can be connected anywhere! The inverter is equipped with a very high peak output power. Due to the USB port it is even possible to use sensitive USB equipment such as MP3-players and digital cameras.

Product specifications:

Weight - 430 g
Input voltage - 24 VDC
Length - 165 mm
Number of sockets - 2
Output voltage - 5
Socket type - Schuko
Output power - 150 W
Output waveform - Modified sine wave
Voltage - 230 VAC
Efficiency - 90 %
Fuse - Yes
Height - 69 mm
Input type - Cigarette lighter plug
Output peak power - 300 W
Safety functions - Battery low shutdown protection
Thermal protection
Output short circuit protection
Overload protection
Too high input voltage protection
Battery reverse polarity protection
Width - 94 mm

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