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G-450C rootor Yaesu

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Yaesu G-450 Light/Medium-Duty Rotator, perfect for entry-level requirements.

Medium-duty applications for 2m or 70cm antenna systems. Features mechanical and electrical stop. The brake construction keeps the antenna positioned, however, allows the antenna to turn in case of heavy winds. The indicator is self-calibrating after power on. Ideal for medium sized 2m/70cm antennas. 450° rotation and integrated mast brackets. Easy on-off cable connection, the control box features a compass meter and 450 degree display. When used in conjunction with a thrust bearing use 50mm mast diameter.

Key Features

Compass Display

Stop may be set at North of South.

Gear System

Quiet, gear reduction braking system.

Quick Disconnect Plug

For safety during lightning.


G-450C Rotator

Recommended Application Light to Medium Duty.
Perfect entry-level rotator
Wind Load  1  m²
K-Factor (Turning Radius x Weight of Ae)  100
Stationary Torque  3,000kg/cm
Rotation Torque  600kg/cm
Max Vertical Load  100kg
Max Vertical Intermittend Load  300kg
Backlash  0.5º
Mast Size  32 - 63 Φ
360º Rotation Time  63sec @ 50Hz
180º Elevation Time  N/A
Boom Diametre  N/A
Rotator Diametre x Height  170 Φ x 263
Weight  3.2kg
Cable Requirement (# cores/wires)  5

*Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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Brochure (in English)

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