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Front bike lamp, Mactronic NOISE 03, 540 lm, rechargeable, set (18650 battery, USB cord, handlebar mount), box

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Blast through the night with Noise XTR 03. While many rechargeable lights with a non-removable power source leave you in the dark far from home, it takes mere seconds to swap the Noise’s Li-ion battery on the move, extending the runtime. The Noise XTR’s elliptical beam smoothly transitions from brightly spotlighting the road ahead for above 100 meters to revealing obstacles and debris on a wider part of your path. Brave the elements with confidence as the Noise’s solid, sealed construction earns it an impressive IXP64 water resistance rating. The lightweight aluminum body is sleek and easily finds a place on handlebars crowded with additional electronics. Attractively packed and complete with handlebar, it’s a perfect present for roadies, commuters and mountain bikers alike. Built to last, we’ve given the Noise XTR an industry leading five-year warranty.

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