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DK66-88MHz antenna pole tunable M6-E

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Flexible spring loaded customer tunable antenna whip especially made for use with "E"-type mounts (bases) on vehicle roof etc. The antenna comes with 3 different lengths of topsections for easy tuning in the entire 4M-BAND EASY CUSTOMER TUNING BY CHANGING TOPSECTION ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: FREQUENCY 66 - 88 MHz (4M-BAND) IMPEDANCE 50 ohm POLARISATION Vertical GAIN 0 dBd, 2.1 dBi BANDWIDTH 12 MHz VSWR < 2.0 MAX. POWER 100 W MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS: COLOR Black HEIGHT Approx. 395-560 mm (Dep. on frequency) WEIGHT 115 g MOUNTING On "E"-type mounts MATERIALS Stainless steel, glass-fibre, copper, PE and brass OPERATING TEMPERATURE -40C to +70C CONNECTOR 1 M6 Internal thread MOUNTING PLACE Vehicle roof

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