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Alinco DJ-X7E scanner 0,1-1300MHz, AM/FM/WFM, 700mAh battery Li Ion, charger , ear piece

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Alinco DJ-X7E handheld scanner

Easy to program memory banks

Managing 1000 memories is easy when you use the free software available from the Alinco website and the optional ERW-4C cable
(USB/Serial conversion cable usable with ERW-4C for USB connections) to expand your own bank-partitions from standard 10 up to 50!
(Note: This feature is accessible only with using the free-software and allows you to freely set up bank partitions up to 50 banks
within the available 1000 memory channels.)

Pre-set bands make operation easy

AM/FM and TV audio bands have been pre-set to make it easy to enjoy the DJ-X7T/E right from the start.

Five scan modes

Five scan modes are available including preset frequencies, VFO, memory scan, programmed scan or tone scan to search for unknown
CTCSS tones. The Timed/busy modes are ѕelectable on all modes except the tone scan mode.

Power options keep you in control

The DJ-X7 comes with a standard adapter that charges the Lithium ion battery AT THE SAME TIME it powers the radio with AC power.
So, you can listen while the unit is charging. Plus, the long-lasting, partially rechargeable lithium ion battery delivers approximately
19 hours of operating time. (AC adapter may cause slight noise to the receiving audio on some frequencies. The operating time may vary
depending on settings such as audio-volume level, battery-save status etc.)

Technical data

  • Receiver range: 0.100 - 1299.995MHz
  • Mode: A3E (AM) / F3E (FM,WFM)
  • Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms unbalanced / SMA-port
  • Operating battery voltage: DC3.7V (external DC port DC3.7V-6.0V)
  • Current consumption: Approx. 90mA average/Approx. 65mA stand-by/Approx 22mA battery-save on
  • Frequency stability: -7 to +3ppm at -10c to +60c
  • Dimension without projection: 58(W) x 96(H) x 14.5(D) mm
  • Weight:103g antenna/battery inclusive
  • Receiver: Triple-conv. Super-heterodyne (NFM,AM) / Double-conv. Super-heterodyne (WFM)
  • 1st IF: 243.95MHz
  • 2nd IF: 39.15MHz (NFM,AM) 10.70MHz (WFM)
  • 3rd IF: 450KHz (NFM,AM)
  • Sensitivity:
  • -FM / 30 to 470MHz : 12dBu (0.25uV), 470MHz or higher 6dBu (0.5uV) 12dBSINAD
    -WFM / 76-470MHz : 2dBu (0.8uV), 470MHz or higher 9dBu (2.8uV) 12dBSINAD
    -AM / 0.1-50MHz : 0dBu (1.0uV), 50MHz 8dBu (0.4uV) 10dBS/N
  • Ѕelectivity: 6dB 12kHz or more, 60dB 35kHz or less (NFM,AM), 6dB 130kHz or more, 60dB 300kHz or more (WFM)
  • Audio Output power: Max 100mW or more (8ohms)
  • Typical operating time: Approx. 19 hours with EBP58N (RX 1: Stand-by 4 BS-on)

  • In the box

  • Instruction manual
  • Li-Ion Battery pack EBP-58N (3.7V 600mAh)
  • Adapter EDC-126 (120V) or EDC-128 (220V) 6.0V 0.5A
  • SMA whip antenna
  • Antenna cap
  • Curl-cable earphone
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