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CWA MNT210 TAB universāls stiprinājums pie auto sēdekļa spilventiņa tabletes tipa planšetdatoriem. Cobra

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The CWA MNT210 Universal rear seat tablet mount allows for the secure hold of your mobile devices and tablets while a passenger In a car. Ideal for long trips.

The CWA 210TAB unique design easily fits all passenger vehicles head-rest. Fully adjustable support arms attach to the metal post of any headrest. Installation and removal is simple with no need for tools. The ball-and-socket armature makes finding the perfect viewing angle easy, and still allows for full access of all the controls and ports on the device. The Ever-Last Break-Away Adhesive securely holds your device in place without leaving behind any residue. Installation and removal is quick and easy with no need for tools or glue. To renew the attach surface areas, simply wipe clean with any basic glass cleaner. Accommodates all size tables.

  • Simple and Quick Installation - Allows easily move from car to car.
  • Hinge Clamp Design - Attaches to all car headrests.
  • Universal Mount - Holds most tablets and portable devices.
  • Device Viewable At Any Angle - Swivel and lock ball-and-socket armature.
  • Renewable Ever-Last Breakaway Adhesive - Secure hold of device on bracket.

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