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COMBISAT® (5V) Roof-mounted universal antenna base with integrated active GPS antenna

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Roof mounted universal antenna base with built-in active GPS antenna. The base accepts mobile antenna whips with external M5 threaded stud. M5/M6-adapter for optionally mounting of antenna whips with internal M6 thread is supplied FOR NAVIGATION AND TRACKING LOW PROFILE DESIGN NON-CORROSIVE TILTABLE EXTERNAL ANTENNA WHIP ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: FREQUENCY 0 - 2500 MHz (External antenna whips) SATELLITE SYSTEM GPS (1575.42 MHz) IMPEDANCE 50 ohm (All) POLARISATION RHC (Right Hand Circular)(GPS) LNA GAIN 26 dB (GPS) NOISE FIGURE 1.35 dB (GPS) SUPPLY VOLTAGE 3 - 5.5 V DC (Fed via cable)(GPS) CURRENT CONSUMPTION, AVERAGE 20 mA (GPS) MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS: COLOR Black WEIGHT 150 g MOUNTING Bolt-on (From inside only) MATERIALS ABS, POM, PE, PCB, brass and steel OPERATING TEMPERATURE -40C to +70C CONNECTOR 1 GPS: FME-male (Blue) CONNECTOR 2 External antenna: FME-male (Black) CABLE 200 mm and 150 mm MOUNTING PLACE On horizontal surface MOUNTING INSTRUCTION External antenna is tiltable 30° in all directions by bending the topsection of the base. NOTE! Bending one time only ! Maximum torque is 4.5Nm. DIMENSIONS 81 x 55 mm HEIGHT ABOVE ROOF 30 mm MOUNTING HOLE 18-22 mm BUILD-IN DEPTH Approx. 11 mm INGRESS PROTECTION IP65 (When mounted) ORDERING INFORMATION: PART NO. G40001 PART NO. G40001IP (Bulk packing) PACKING INFORMATION: PACKING Polybag or bulk

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