Hytera has announced many new models for this year, many of the new models are already available in TehnoTurg shops like the new migration series radios PD505 and PD 605.

During this summer many new Hytera DMR migration radios will be added to our product selection and they will be available to order from July 2014.

What is a DMR digital radio. New generation of digital radios called DMR have arrived and they have added many new possibilities to two way radios. The first thing digital radios improve is the voice quality, if you are at the edge of the coverage you can still clearly understand everything that’s said. Another thing digital generation improves is the battery life relatively small battery 1500mAh can now supply up to 16 hours of use. Also Digital radios use the frequency bandwidth much better allowing 2 simultaneous calls made on one 12,5kHz wide frequency, this is possible due to the use of TDMA which helps to share the shared frequency to two separate time slots. This means if you only have one RF license you can now make two individual calls on one frequency.
Also all Hytera DMR products can work as an analog radio at the same time making the migration from analog to digital easier.


  Hytera full product line up


New models to wait are the small and sleek handheld radios PD355 and PD365 for retail, hospitality and security they are small sleek and pocket size design.
Both models have analog and digital mode and 3 lines black and white display to easily operate the radio and use contacts also both models introduce new integrated antenna system that makes them more pocket friendly. When using digital mode even the small battery will last through the day 12h using standard duty-cycle of 5-5-90. Hytera has also introduced a new charging solution using micro USB port for charging.
Using DMR radios will provide you with better battery life, better audio quality and various call options like private, group and all call.

Hytera pd356-pd366

Another new models introduced by Hytera are the PD505 and PD605 enchained versions with display either black and white or full color.

All the new radios share same battery and have all the Digital benefits as well capability to connect with analog radios, perfect for smooth migration from analog to digital.

Hytera PD505 pd565Hytera pd605 pd665 pd675


PD565 has smaller 3 line black and white screen similar to the 3. series radios.
PD665 and PD685  have bigger color screen similar to PD785 and PD685 has also has a full keyboard.


All the Hytera 6. series radios are IP67 rated so they will withstand 30 minutes submersion up to 1m depth.

Hytera is also introducing new mobile radio MD655 with microphone mounted control keys and screen for easier installation and use.
MD655 will also be cheaper making the step from analog to digital easier and more affordable.

 hytera MD655

You can download the full catalog from here!

Hytera PD355 digital handheld radio, 2000mAh, UHF Hytera PD365 digital handheld radio, 2000mAh, UHF Hytera PD365LF digital handheld radio, 2000mAh, 446MHz UHF
Hytera PD505 digital handheld radio, 1500mAh, UHF Hytera PD565 digital handheld radio, 1500mAh, UHF
Hytera PD605 digital handheld radio, IP67, 1500mAh, UHF Hytera PD665 digital handheld radio, IP67, 1500mAh, UHF Hytera PD685 digital handheld radio, IP67, 1500mAh, UHF
Hytera MD665 digital and analog mobile transceiver, 1-25W, DMR Tier II, UHF Hytera RD625 digital repeater-base station, UHF