Glen from Tehnika TV did a little tour in our shop a few days back and bought all new Cobra products. Take a look what Glen and Kaspar first impressions were about Cobra's batterybanks and Bluetooth devices:



You can find products mentioned in the broadcast here or come by the store and learn more:

Cobra CWA AirWave Bluetooth wireless adapter for audio devices Cobra CWA BT300E AirWave Mini waterproof wireless speaker Cobra CWA BT310E AirWave Box waterproof nad floating Stereo IPX wireless speaker Cobra CWA BT320E AirWave 360 Bluetooth wireless portable speaker, handfree device
Cobra CPP 50 E batterybank 5000mAh Cobra CPP100 E batterybank with solarpanel 6000mAh Cobra CPP 7500 E batterybank and car starter 7500mAh Midland ENERJUMP batterybank and car starter 8000mAh