18.03.2015 Bluetooth Intercom system MIDLAND BT EVA

The Midland BT can not only be connected, in Bluetooth mode, with a mobile phone, GPS sat nav or MP3 stereo music player, but can even be used, via a connecting socket, with wired iPod/MP3 players or PMR446 2-way radios for bike-to-bike communication over greater distances.

The Midland BT City also works as a wireless rider/pillion intercom system, with a range of up to 200 metres, when used in conjunction with a second headset from the BT City or Eva intercom range. In combination with an MP3-enabled mobile phone, it is also possible to control the Forward/Reverse and Play/Stop functions. Grippy buttons make it easy for the motorcycle rider to use these functions.

The Midland BT system is splash-proof. It has a compact design, and can be mounted in two ways to the helmet: by means of a clamp or by way of a double-sided adhesive foil, which makes it compatible with almost any helmet system, whether jet, flip, or full-face. Battery life exceeds 8 hours! This product is CE marked according to the RTTE Directive (99/5/EC).

Attention: before using BT City/BT Eva for the first time, remember to recharge it for at least 5/6 hours!

Compatible with other Midland BT City units and its ladies equivalent, the Eva model (BT by the way stands for Bluetooth, not for the telecoms operator we all know and love; expect a superior service from this unit!)



-Bluetooth headset devices

-Intercom 200 meters

-Talk time up to 8 h

-Bluetooth 2.1 (DSP)

-USB/PC programmable

-For up to 2 users “Rider-to-Passenger”

-Stereo music



-Intercom for 2 users, full-duplex

-Range up to 200m

-Talk time Up to 8 h

-Talk 2 All radio device

-Handlebar remote control (optional)

-stereo speakers

-PC Programmable

-Bluetooth 2.1 (DSP)

-External antenna

-Speakerphone / Vox (intercom / phone)

-AGC Automatic volume adjustment

-Suitable for all helmet types

-Bluetooth connections: Cell phone/GPS/MP3, radio via Bluetooth

-Cable connections for the driver and passenger to iPod/MP3 and radio (PMR 446)


Package containt: 1 MIDLAND BT eva intercom, stereo headset with goose neck and helmet microphone, a stereo cable for iPod/MP3 player, mounting sets with double-sided tape and clamp mount and USB charger.

Midland BT EVA Bluetooth Stereo Intercom SINGLE PACK