19.03.2015 M-Flare

PowerFlare safety lights feature the latest in LED light technology, emitting light in all directions and can be seen for miles at night. Each PowerFlare unit is about the size of a hockey puck yet is strong enough to withstand being run over by trucks at highway speeds. 

Perfect for Agriculture, Harvesting Season, Tractor, Combine. Truck - Trailer - Snowplow - Car - Golf Cart - Boat - Marina - Bike



This compact 16 LED’s emits 360° of ultra-bright light, visible for miles away. It is waterproof and so tough; you can run it over with a tank!
Unlike flashlights with alkaline batteries or chemical light sticks, Safety light units can handle extreme temperatures and extreme situations (intrinsically safe).
Small enough to keep in a saddle bag, tank bag, or even those small under seat storage spaces that most bikes have.

The Safety Light has 9 flash patterns. Press the ON/OFF BUTTON to rotate through the following 9 light patterns:

1. Rotate

2. Double Flash

3. Single Flash

4. Alternating Blinks

5· SOS Rescue (Morse Code)

6. Steady ON High

7. Steady ON Low

8. 2 LED Flashlights

9. 4 LED Flashlights

10· Off 



1. Safer and ecologically better for our environment than flame style emergency road flares. No spark, open flame, fumes or toxic chemicals are produced when using the LED Road Flare.

2. Shock resistant construction makes the Flare very durable and can withstand the impact of roadside traffic. Can even be run over by a truck and still operate. Used by fire, police, and other emergency responders.

3. Lie flat or on its edge depending on your reference. Place on the road, at construction sites, vehicle bumper or other surface and anywhere needing emergency signaling.

4. The LED Road Flare is waterproof so it may be used for marine applications and safely in wet environments, including submerged to a depth of 33 feet. Will float unless secured.

5. Using the magnet on the back, attach to any magnetic metal surface. Place on a vehicle, fence, or other metal surface.

NOTE: It is not recommended that you disassemble the Flare. If it is not reassembled correctly it may result in failure of the waterproof seal and damage to the unit.

M-Flare 6pcs with charger 12v/230v