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Aceco FC-6002 Mk2 Bug Detector/RF Tracer

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Aceco FC6002 Mk2 Bug detector/RF tracer

The FC6002 Mk2 is a portable RF tracer and bug hunter. It covers the frequency from 1 MHz to 6000MHz. Used to find
hidden transmitters like GSM and DECT phones, audio and video spy transmitters at 2.4GHz and many other RF emitting
devices in the usual frequency range.

The receiver detects digital (GSM, DECT) as well as analog signals. The detection distance is about 1 to 3m, depending
on transmit power. The alarm is either by a signal tone, which frequency changes relative to the received signal strenght
(ie.e distance), or by a silent vibration alarm. Furtehr a 5 digit LED bar graph is shown. This silent alarm allows to find
the transmitter without alerting the intruder.

The FC6002 Mk2 is equipped with internal rechargeable batteries and fits in any shirt pocket. With the small size and ease
of use it becomes very easy to find hidden wireless bugs or stuck transmitters in a conference or hotel room or vehicle.

Technical data

  • Frequency range 1MHz — 6GHz
  • Weight 230 g
  • Small size: only 100 x 68 x 31 mm
  • Impedance 50 Ω (BNC socket)
  • Metal case, black coated aluminium
  • 5-digit LED bar graph displays signal level
  • 5 x AA 600mAh NiCd pack built in
  • Built- in loudspeaker for audible alarm
  • Vibration alarm for silent alerts
  • 8 hours operation (typ.)

  • In the box

  • NiCD batteries
  • charger
  • rubber antenna
  • earphone
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