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3M Peltor austiņas Ground Mechanic Twin Cup

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3M Peltor headset Ground Mechanic Twin Cup

  • High attenuating double shell cups with optimised acoustic design and excellent space for the ears for best possible sound
    quality and comfort.
  • Microphone with efficient noise compensation for clear and reliable communication
  • Quick Positioning integrated microphone boom for easy handling
  • Soft, wide foam and fluid-filled sealing rings and individually sprung headband wires of stainless sprung steel provide an even
    and consistent distribution of pressure around the ears for best possible comfort
  • Standard J11 connection (Nexus TP-120)
  • Beam-mounted earphones that provide the least possible resonance and distortion for excellent sound reproduction even in very high
    noise environments.
  • Numerous configurations. Overhead, neck-band and helmet attached versions to meet most users requirements.
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    Artikuls MT53H540F-01_GB
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    Piegādātāja kods XH001661012
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