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Midland G18 PMR446 nešiojamas pusiau profesionalus imtuvas IP67, 1600mAh LiIon baterija, stalinis pakrovėjas

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Midland G18

Midland expands its range of semi‐professional transceivers with a new model: MIDLAND G18, the latest and most advanced PMR446 radio!
Compact but rugged at the same time, MIDLAND G18 is great for use in the hardest environments.

G18 boasts an aluminum die cast chassis that guarantees the IP67 certification: total protection from dust and from the immersion in water up to 1m depth for 30 minutes. Multi‐task radio and extremely reliable, G18 provides clear communications even in noisy areas.

G18 is supplied with many features to make operating more enjoyable and professional,

such as the scrambler to provide private conversations and the vocal tuning that announces the channel or function just ѕelected.
Besides, by means of the optional programming software PRGG15 you can increase the performance of your radio or to reduce its functionality by enabling or disabling some features (CTCSS, DCS, TOT, VOX, ROGER BEEP, SQUELCH, VOICE, Emergency...).

In particular with PRG‐G15 you can activate the FM radio so as to listen to your favourite radio stations, or the Compander for an excellent audio level.
G18 incorporates other functions such as SCAN and VOX for hands‐free conversations and is supplied with 99 channels (8 PMR446+ 91 preset), 50 CTCSS tones and 105 DCS codes.

Up to 19 hours of operating time with the supplied high capacity 1600mAh LiIon battery pack.
Midland G18 is an excellent choice, no matter how you plan to use it: for your leisure time or professional situations.

COLOUR: black

What’s in the box:

  • G18 transceiver with belt clip

  • rechargeable Li‐ion battery pack 1600mAh

  • wall adaptor

  • desktop charger

  • quick guide

Main features

    • PMR 446 Transceiver

    • 8 PMR446 + 91 pre‐set channels

    • IP67 certified: the housing protects the device from dust and from water infiltration

      up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes

    • Vocal announcement

    • Scrambler

    • Compander (programmable with PRG‐G15)

    • FM Radio (programmable with PRG‐G15)

    • Output power: ≤500mW ERP

    • Channel spacing: 12.5KHz

    • Multifunction key

    • Scan

    • Roger Beep

    • Battery save

    • Monitor

    • Squelch

    • External Speaker/Mic Jack : Motorola type


      • PRGG15 Programming software ‐ cod. C1131

      • PBG15 Li‐Ion battery pack 1600mAh – cod. C1128

      • MA25M Waterproof speaker/mike with L‐type plug, 2 Pin Motorola – cod. C1129

      • MA27M Mike with PTT and L‐type plug, 2 Pin Motorola – cod. C1130

Papildoma informacija

Pristatymas į siuntinį Taip
Prekės kodas A442
Firma Midland
Pardavėjo kodas C1145
Saatja tüüp Ne
Modelis Ne
Tinkamas imtuvams Ne

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