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Midland BM101 Selfie Pod Black - Bluetooth stick

Būsena: Prekyboje  Atsiuntimas: 2-7 dienos

Sena kaina: 29,90 €

Nauja kaina: 9,90 €



Bluetooth handheld selfie stick

In the "social age" taking selfies or shooting videos with smartphones has become a trend or even a "must": most people want to immortalize their most enjoyable moments and then share them with friends.

Selfie-Pod is done for this.

Selfie-Pod is a handheld selfie stick which allows you to take selfies ans shots in endless situations: when traveling, in particular events or simply with your friends.

Comact and lightweight, you can bring it always with you, it will fit in your bag easily! It´s extendable up to 80cm to better focus what is behind you.

Selfie-Pod is supplied with a Bluetooth button (compatible with IOS and Android) at the bottom of the stick to take pictures or selfies with just one clic!

Selfie Pod can be recharged with the supplied USB cable: just connect the cable to the proper USB port at the bottom of the stick

Inside the box:

Selfie Pod, USB Cable, Universal smartphone mount to use also as a phone support

Papildoma informacija

Pristatymas į siuntinį Taip
Prekės kodas A452
Firma Midland
Pardavėjo kodas C1204
Saatja tüüp Ne
Modelis Ne
Tinkamas imtuvams Ne

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