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MFJ-886B kantav sagedusloendur kuni 2.8 GHz

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Portable Frequency Counter up to 2.8 GHz

The MFJ-886B is a battery operated frequency counter, which is well suitable for portable operations due it´s small size and light weight. The frequency counter measures frequencies between 300 kHz and 2.8GHz in two ѕelectable ranges (300 kHz- 50MHz, 50 - 2800 MHz). With different gate time settings the display accuracy can be ѕelected from 1 kHz over 100 and 10 to 1Hz. A convenient bracket helps to put the counter in an upright position on the desk for easier readability and operation. With the supplied telescope whip antenna (BNC connector) the MFJ-886B can be turned into a bug hunting device. Just by getting close to the transmitter the the frequency of the strongest signal is automatically displayed (but not demodulated). With this measuring system an unknown system can be checked very fast and without direct, electrical contact. Even hidden transmitters can be found easily.

The built-in rechargeable LiIon battery offers 800mAh capacity and lasts for about 12 hours operation. A power saving sleep mode is activated after 20 minutes of no operation. Supplied is a 12V wall charger, but the counter can be supplied by any 12V external source as well. Operation during charging of the battery is possible. A full charge takes approx. 3 to 4 hours. Supplied is also a 50cm long telescopic whip with BNC connector and knuckle. The BNC input of the MFJ-886B has an impedance of 50 Ω. Size 60 x 80 x 30mm, weight 105g.

Technical Data MFJ-886B
Frequency Range 300 kHz - 2800 MHz
Connector BNC
Impedance 50 Ω
Internal power supply LiIon Battery 7.4V, 800mAh
Ext. power supply 12V DC
Dimensions 60 x 80 30mm
Weight 105 g
  • Included in shipment
  • MFJ-86B Frequency counter
  • Telescopic whip antenna BNC
  • Wal lcharger 12VDC/1A
  • User Manual (engl.)

Papildoma informacija

Pristatymas į siuntinį Taip
Prekės kodas WI234
Firma Wimo
Pardavėjo kodas MFJ-886B
Saatja tüüp Ne
Modelis Ne
Tinkamas imtuvams Ne

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