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Mactronic Nomad 03 pealamp, 340lm, RGB filter, punane LED, 3XAAA, 40h

Būsena: Prekyboje  Atsiuntimas: 2-7 dienos

Sena kaina: 46,90 €

Nauja kaina: 38,90 €



While hunting or on maneuvers stealth is essential. You need more than a bright light; you need the right light. The Nomad 02, with its built-in RGB filters, a red diode, and diffuser, works wonders wherever you wander. The diffuser concentrates the light for a delicate task or creates a wide beam to illuminate a large area. The RGB filters pairs with night vision equipment (blue), makes you invisible from the side and to animals (green) and prevents losing your night vision while consulting maps (red). A switch lock prevents accidental engagement with the memory function resuming the last used mode. 3 AAA batteries power a quality Cree™ LED at a blazing 340 lms for an impressive 40 hours, and the red diode for nearly 10 days!

The Nomad headlamp meets specified requirements for night parachute jumps

Operation time: 100% 40 h, 50% 75 h, 10% 130 h, 2% 250 h Operation time RED LED: Red LED 100% 150 h, Red LED SOS 200 h Diffuser: Colour filters: Light output: 340 lm Adjustаble head angle: Operation modes: 100%, 50%, 10%, 2%, RED LED 100%, RED LED SOS Weight: 101 g Waterproof: IP64 Shockproof: 1 m Dimensions: 60 × 40 × 38 mm Light Distance: 120 m Power supply: 3 x AAA Light source: Cree™ XPL LED + 1 × 5mm Red LED

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Pristatymas į siuntinį Taip
Prekės kodas THL0022
Firma Mactronic
Pardavėjo kodas THL0022
Saatja tüüp Ne
Modelis Ne
Tinkamas imtuvams Ne

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