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Mactronic THUNDER XTR taskulamp, 1020 lm, patareiga (2x CR123), komplektis (patarei adapteriga, vutlar, 4x o-ring, hajuti, randmerihm), karbis

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The THUNDER XTR is the latest member in Mactronic’s well respected tactical line. Our design team worked hand in glove with Army and Special Forces professionals to create a powerful 1020 lm light that is as durable as it is bright.Our mission from the ground up was to design a flashlight where exceptional performance did not outshine real-world application. We’ve packed practicability in the tough hard shell case that secures the flashlight, clip, diffuser, holster, lanyard, and two CR123 lithium batteries with cage. We also included a repair kit, including an extra lens and replacement O-rings, for fast repairs in the field. Two CR123A batteries (include with cage) powers the Thunder at 100% for 1hour, 25% for 3 hours and at 2% for over a day at 30 hours. Quick charging 18650 batteries and charger are available as an accessory.Equipped with the latest Cree XM-12 LED, the Thunder delivers a blistering light output of 1200 lumens, blazing the way for up to 312 meters! The flashlight’s four modes, 100%; 25%, 2% and strobe, regulates the output and battery use. A built in memory does the quick thinking, remembering the last active mode to prevent surprises. Strobe runs on a frequency of 10Hz and is easily activate with three rapid clicks. Silently turning the head with a gentle of rotation of 20° and return to starting position activates the other three modes. Mounted, the flashlight only requires one hand to engage all modes.Thunder takes on the harshest environments. ANSI standards certify the Thunder’s robustness with 2 meter impact resistance and IPX8 waterproof ratings. Drop the Thunder from 2 meters on solid concrete or immerse in a meter of water without losing crucial illumination. Tempered glass with anti-reflective coating toughens up the lens while minimizing the loss of light.While certifiable tough, we put the Thunder through additional field tests with live ammunition to prove its perfect fit as a weapon mounted flashlight. Specialists pushed the mount, gel switch (both available separately) and the light to the extreme by firing hundreds of rounds in various environmental conditions. The successful field tests demonstrate the gear’s high shock resistance and compliance with stringent military standards.A strike bezel makes the Thunder a weapon of last resort while providing an anti-roll function.We designed it, we stand behind it. Each Thunder possesses a unique serial number and a five year guarantee followed up with a 5 year post-warranty service package.Mactronic provides a wide range of accessories to completely outfit the Thunder to meet your needs, including: Tactical Gel Switch RGB Filters Recharger and Batteries Weapon Mount Note!Specifications in operating times apply to battery power.With the original 3000 mAh rechargeable Mactronic battery maximum operating times are as follows: 100% - 1 h 20 min *25% - 3 h 40 min *2% - 50 h * * All of the above times refer to the situation when the new Mactronic battery B-M18650 is used and it’s charged to 100%.They were calculated on the basis of actual power consumption during operation on the specified modes.They may vary depending on external factors (such as ambient temperature) and the level of battery charge.

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Pristatymas į siuntinį Taip
Prekės kodas L-TL-1001-HH
Firma Mactronic
Pardavėjo kodas L-TL-1001-HH
Saatja tüüp Ne
Modelis Ne
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